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The Black Candidates Running For House & Senate Seats

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It's time for the midterms again, and experts say these elections could be the most consequential in years. Whoever is elected to these positions could affect the outcome of the 2024 presidential election. On top of that, issues like rapid inflation, abortion rights, and health care are on ballots across the country.

Congressional seats, governorships, attorney general, and other positions are also up for grabs. The competition is fierce, especially with hundreds of Black leaders vying for a position in federal or state office. Some of these candidates and politicians could make history on election night.

Without further ado, here are all the Black candidates running for office or re-election.


Will Boyd (U.S. Senate)

Phyllis Harvey-Hall (U.S. House, AL-02)

Kathy Warner-Stanton (U.S. House, AL-05)

Terri Sewell (U.S. House, AL-07)

President Biden Visits Lockheed Martin Facility In Alabama

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Yolanda Flowers (Alabama Governor)


Jevin Hodge (U.S. House, AZ-01)


Natalie James (Senate)

Monte Hodges (U.S. House, AR-01)

Quintessa Hathaway (U.S. House, AR-02)

Chris Jones (Arkansas Governor)


Kermit Jones (U.S. House, CA-03)

Tamika Hamilton (U.S. House, CA-06)

Barbara Lee (U.S. House, CA-12)

Brian Hawkins (U.S. House, CA-25)

Joe Collins (U.S. House, CA-36)

Jan Perry (U.S. House, CA-37)

Sydney Kamlager (U.S. House, CA-37)

Maxine Waters (U.S. House, CA-43)

Global Citizen Live, Los Angeles

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Angela Underwood Jacobs (California Lieutenant Governor)


T.J. Cole (U.S. Senate)

Joe Neguse (U.S. House, CO-02)


Jahana Hayes (U.S. House, CT-05)

George Logan (U.S. House, CT-05)

Stephanie Thomas (Connecticut Secretary of State)


Val Demings (U.S. Senate)

LaShonda Holloway (U.S. House, FL-04)

Alfred Lawson (U.S. House, FL-05)

Karen Green (U.S. House, FL-07)

Calvin Wimbish (U.S. House, FL-10)

Shante Munns (U.S. House, FL-11)

Kimberly Walker (U.S. House, FL-12)

Dwight Young (U.S. House, FL-13)

Byron Donalds (U.S. House, FL-19)

Drew-Montez Clark (U.S. House, FL-20)

Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick (U.S. House, FL-20)

Frederica S. Wilson (U.S. House, FL-24)

Rep. Frederica Wilson Leads Congressional Field Hearing On Nursing Homes

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Carla Spalding (U.S. House, FL-25)

Christine Alexandria Olivo (U.S. House, FL-26)

Aramis Ayala (State Attorney General)


Herschel Walker (U.S. Senate)

Raphael Warnock (U.S. Senate)

Sanford Bishop Jr. (U.S. House, GA-02)

Val Almonord (U.S. House, GA-03)

Hank Johnson (U.S. House, GA-04)

Nikema Williams (U.S. House, GA-05)

Lucy McBath (U.S. House, GA-06)

Lisa Babbage (U.S. House, GA-07)

Darrius Butler (U.S. House, GA-08)

Tabith Johnson-Green (U.S. House, GA-10)

Liz Johnson (U.S. House, GA-12)

David Scott (U.S. House, GA-13)

Marcus Flowers (U.S. House, GA-14)

Stacey Abrams (Georgia Governor)

Beautiful Noise Live - Equality On The Ballot Panel

Stacey Abrams speaks onstage during the Beautiful Noise Live Equality on the Ballot panel at Buckhead Theatre on September 19, 2022, in Atlanta, Georgia. Photo: Getty Images


Babette Peyton (U.S. House, IL-01)

Jonathan Jackson (U.S. House, IL-01)

Robin Kelly (U.S. House, IL-02)

Danny K. Davis (U.S. House, IL-07)

Lauren Underwood (U.S. House, IL-14)


Haneefah Khaaliq (U.S. Senate)

Jennifer-Ruth Green (U.S. House, IN-01)

Jeannine Lee Lake (U.S. House, IN-05)

André Carson (U.S. House, IN-07)


Deidre Dejear (Iowa Governor)


Charles Booker (U.S. Senate)

March On Washington To Protest Police Brutality

Photo: Getty Images


Gary Chambers (U.S. Senate)

Troy Carter (U.S. House, LA-02)


Scottie Griffin (U.S. Senate)

Glenn Ivey (U.S. House, MD-04)

Kweisi Mfume (U.S. House, MD-07)

Wes Moore (Maryland Governor)

Anthony Brown (State Attorney General)


Ayanna Pressley (U.S. House, MA-07)

House Oversight Cmte Holds Hearing On Recent Mass Shootings In Buffalo And Uvalde

Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) speaks during a House Committee on Oversight and Reform hearing on gun violence on June 8, 2022, in Washington, DC. Photo: Getty Images

Donnie Palmer (U.S. House, MA-07)

Andrea Campbell (State Attorney General)

Rayla Campbell (Massachusetts Secretary of State)


John Gibbs (U.S. House, MI-03)

John James (U.S. House, MI-10)

Andrea Kirby (U.S. House, MI-10)

Martell Bivings (U.S. House, MI-13)

Simone Coleman (U.S. House, MI-13)

Lorrie Rutledge (U.S. House MI-13)


Ilhan Omar (U.S. House, MN-05)

Rep. Omar Speaks To The Press On Global And Domestic Food Crisis

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) speaks during a press conference held outside of the U.S. Capitol Building on June 14, 2022, in Washington.Photo: Getty Images North America

Cicely Davis (U.S. House, MN-05)


Dianne Black (U.S. House, MS-01)

Bennie Thompson (U.S. House, MS-02)

Shuwaski Young (U.S. House, MS-03)

Johnny DuPree (U.S. House, MS-04)


Paul Venable (U.S. Senate)

Cori Bush (U.S. House, MO-01)

Andrew Jones Jr. (U.S. House, MO-01)

Emanuel Cleaver (U.S. House, MO-05)

Henry Martin (U.S. House, MO-06)


Steven Horsford (U.S. House, NV-04)

New Jersey

Allen Cannon (U.S. House, NJ-01)

Patricia Kline (U.S. House, NJ-01)

Tim Alexander (U.S. House, NJ-02)

Billy Prempeh (U.S. House, NJ-09)

Donald Payne Jr. (U.S. House, NJ-10)

Bonnie Watson Coleman (U.S. House, NJ-12)

Darius Mayfield (U.S. House, NJ-12)

New York

Joe Pinion (U.S. Senate)

Jackie Gordon (U.S. House, NY-02)

Gregory W. Meeks (U.S. House, NY-05)

Hakeem Jeffries (U.S. House, NY-08)

House Democrats Address The Media After Their Weekly Caucus Conference

Democratic Caucus Chair Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) (R) talks to reporters following a House Democratic Caucus meeting in the U.S. Capitol Visitors Center on October 20, 2021, in Washington, DC.Photo: Getty Images

Yvette Clarke (U.S. House, NY-09)

Odell Patterson (U.S. House, NY-11)

Ritchie Torres (U.S. House, NY-15)

Jamaal Bowman (U.S. House, NY-16)

La’Ron Singletary (U.S. House, NY-25)

North Carolina

Cheri Beasley (U.S. Senate)

Michelle Lewis (U.S. Senate)

Barbara Gaskins (U.S. House, NC-03)

Valerie Foushee (U.S. House, NC-04)

Donald Davis (U.S. House, NC-05)

Ben Clark (U.S. House, NC-09)

Alma Adams (U.S. House, NC-12)


Joyce Beatty (U.S. House, OH-03)

Vanessa Enoch (U.S. House, OH-08)

Shontel Brown (U.S. House, OH-11)

Emilia Sykes (U.S. House, OH-13)

Chelsea Clark (Ohio Secretary of State)


Adam Martin (U.S. House, OK-01)

Joshua Harris-Till (U.S. House, OK-05)


Quincy Magee (U.S. Senate)

Summer Lee (U.S. House, PA-12)

Pennsylvania Holds Midterm Primary Elections

Pennsylvania Democratic Congressional candidate, state Rep. Summer Lee talks to the press outside her polling station at the Paulson Recreation Center after voting with Pittsburgh Mayor Ed Gainey on May 17, 2022, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Photo: Getty Images

Dwight Lee (U.S. House, PA-03)

Austin Davis (State Lieutenant Governor)

Rhode Island

Allen Waters (U.S. House, RI-01)

South Carolina

Tim Scott (U.S. Senate)

Krystal Matthews (U.S. Senate)

Evangeline Hundley (U.S. House, SC-05)

James Clyburn (U.S. House, SC-06)

Duke Buckner (U.S. House, SC-06)

Daryl Scott (U.S. House, SC-07)


Odessa Kelly (U.S. House, TN-07)

Charlotte Bergmann (U.S. House, TN-09)

Dennis Clark (U.S. House, TN-09)


Sheila Jackson Lee (U.S. House, TX-18)

Vince Duncan (U.S. House, TX-18)

Al Green (U.S. House, TX-09)

Jrmar Jefferson (U.S. House, TX-01)

Iro Omere (U.S. House, TX-04)

Tartisha Hill (U.S. House, TX-05)

Jasmine Crockett (U.S. House, TX-30)

Activists Hold Petition Delivery Urging Lawmakers To End Filibuster And Protect Voting Rights

Photo: Getty Images

Zachariah Manning (U.S. House, TX-30)

Debbie Walker (U.S. House, TX-30)

Collin Allred (U.S. House, TX-32)

Marc Veasey (U.S. House, TX-33)

Wesley Hunt (U.S. House, TX-38)


Nick Mitchell (U.S. House, UT-02)

Burgess Owens (U.S. House, UT-04)

Darlene McDonald (U.S. House, UT-04)


Herb Jones (U.S. House, VA-01)

Bobby Scott (U.S. House, VA-03)

Donald McEachin (U.S. House, VA-04)

House And Senate Leadership Hold News Conference On Climate Change

Photo: Getty Images

Leon Benjamin Sr. (U.S. House, VA-04)

Teddy Fikre (U.S. House, VA-08)


Natasha Hill (U.S. House, WA-05)

Marilyn Strickland (U.S. House, WA-10)

West Virginia

Lacy Watson (U.S. House, WV-01)


Mandela Barnes (U.S. Senate)

Gwen Moore (U.S. House, WI-04)

Tim Rogers (U.S. House, WI-04)

States without applicable candidates:

  • Alaska
  • Delaware
  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • Kansas
  • Maine
  • Montana
  • Nebraska
  • New Hampshire
  • New Mexico
  • North Dakota
  • Oregon
  • South Dakota
  • Vermont
  • Wyoming

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