Young Girl Hospitalized After Peer Gives Her 'Poisonous Candies', Mom Says

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A Minneapolis family is seeking answers after their kindergartener was given "poisonous candies" at school, resulting in her coming down with a mysterious illness, per WCCO News.

Rachel Hodges said her daughter, Da'Kyah, a kindergarten student at Nellie Stone Johnson Elementary School, was shaking, struggling to walk, and acting bizarrely last week after a classmate gave her something suspicious.

"She didn't know who I was," Hodges said. "She didn't know my mom. She has a twin, she didn't know him."

School officials told Hodges that Da'Kyah had thrown up and had what they believed were seizures.

The kindergarten student was taken to the hospital, where emergency room doctors said what Da'Kyah experienced wasn't a seizure. However, Da'Kyah's odd behavior, including hallucinations and mood changes, persisted.

"I've never even seen a child act that way," Hodges said. "And it's just sad, because she's scared of me, and I'm her mom."

Da'Kyah said one of her peers told her she was giving her candy.

"But she pranked me," Da'Kyah said. "After I ate them, she said, 'Ha, just kidding. They're poisonous candies.' My body was hurting and yeah, it was scary."

Da'Kyah described the "poisonous candies" as colored pills.

"The police looked in her eyes," Hodges said. "They seen that she was dilated. Her eyes were crossed and bugged really big, and they knew she had to have ingested something she shouldn't have."

A Minneapolis police spokesperson said the elementary school student's case was referred to Child Protective Services. Da'Kyah's family is waiting on blood tests to see what Da'Kyah ingested.

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