Alaska Black Caucus Targeted With Racist Graffiti On Building

Photo: Getty Images

The Alaska Black Caucus was targeted with racist graffiti on the side of their building in Anchorage.

On Friday (November 24), caucus members said they discovered racial slurs spray painted on the building, per KTUU. The Alaska Black Caucus, which works to defend the constitutional rights of Black Americans, said this wasn't the first time their property has been vandalized. Other incidents have included graffiti being painted on the sidewalk outside of their offices.

“I’m from the South ... you’re bringing back some of your past experiences,” Brenda Tyler of the Alaska Black Caucus said in a statement.

The organization said it won't be intimidated to move out of its space.

“This is not a message to our young people today. This is not a message to the world today. This is not a message to anybody, regardless of your race, your faith, or what you subscribe to in making it a better world,” Rev. Patricia Wilson-Cone said. “This is not a positive light and a positive message and we have zero tolerance for it.”

The Alaska Black Caucus said prior incidents have been reported to the Anchorage Police Department.

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