The Most Annoying Things Houseguests Do

If you want to tick off a family member, just show up to their house unannounced like Cousin Eddie in"Christmas Vacation". According to a new survey, it's the MOST annoying thing houseguests can do. Here are the top ten

1. Arrive unannounced or without an invitation.

2. Snoop around.

3. Break or damage something.

4. Leave behind a mess when they're gone.

5. Be too loud.

6. Smoke.

7. Leave a mess in the bathroom.

8. Stay up late watching TV with the volume cranked up.

9. Go out and come home drunk.

10. Be too demanding.

They also asked people to name the worst things guests have done. The best ones we saw include sleeping in the living room naked . . . redoing their Christmas decorations without asking . . . stealing a video game controller . . . and punching a hole in a wall.

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