10 Harmless Pranks for Parents to Pull on Their Kids:April Fools

Here are some fun ideas to trick your kids on April Fool's Day. 

The mayonnaise sundae.Reward your kids with an unforgettable dessert. Don’t forget the chocolate sauce and cherries!

Late for school!Set the clocks in your house an hour ahead. Rush them out the door in the morning like normal, but instead of going straight to school, you’ll have time to stop for breakfast!

Brown-“E”s.Tell your kids you baked them a pan of brownies. But when you remove the foil, the pan will be literally filled with “E”’s you have cut from brown construction paper or cardboard. 

Black bean cookies.Make “chocolate chip cookies” out of mashed potatoes and black beans.

The eye-pad.Tell your kid you bought them an iPad, but really, just buy them an eye-pad from the pharmacy. 

Plant “doughnut seeds.”Take your toddler out to the yard in the morning and plant a handful of Cheerios. They’ll be shocked when those seeds have grown into a dozen doughnuts by the afternoon.

Sound the alarm.Hide battery powered alarm clocks throughout your child’s bedroom. Set them to go off at random times throughout the day.

Hidden kitty.Hide a walkie-talkie in your kid’s closet, under their bed, or in the vent. Then meow into it at various intervals. 

Penny for your thoughts.Start placing pennies in places where your child will find them. Then start placing more and more pennies. Then more and more!

Cupcakes for dinner.Bake mini meatloaves in muffin cups, then “frost” them with mashed potatoes.

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