Keepin It 100

Ronald A. Hummons, a successful entrepreneur and sought-after motivational speaker.

Ronald dropped out of High School in the

10th grade as homelessness and his father's drug addiction derailed his education pursuit. Around the time he was 23 Ronald wound up in prison, unknowingly it would be his place of transition.  Ronald worked towards developing business ideas that would help him contribute to his community. Ronald sketched clothing designs while in prison preparing to come home and launch his first business. After his release, Ronald was homeless, but that  didn't stop his ambition to become a wealthy  business owner. While sleeping on park benches he spent his days at the Government and Business Department of the Cincinnati Library. His time at the library enabled him to voraciously study materials on patents, business plan writing, and manufacturing. 

Having a clear picture of what he wanted to do concerning his business idea, Ronald sent more than 100 letters to investors, which resulted to a considerable level of response that enabled him to manufacture his first samples in China. He received an investment to the tune of over one-hundred thousand dollars from an early investor who believed in his ability to establish a successful business. Ronald has since launched multiple businesses including his jewel program, Vision  Caretakers Inc. VCI is an entrepreneur school Ronald launched in the Ohio prisons. Ronald later created a film company and produced his first film,  think!!. Ronald's mission for his film is to help kids and young adults build critical decision making skills.

The motivation to succeed is the trait Ronald wants to cultivate in others. 

In 2015 Ronald lost his 21 year old son to depression and P.T.S.D. Trepierre committed suicide by cop in which an officer also lost his life. After his son's death Ronald began taking classes to receive certifications in mental illness. His goal of bringing awareness to the affect on adults impacted by childhood trauma has brought light on the circumstances surrounding his son's death and his personal story, Check out my interview with him on my podcast 

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